2014 was a smashing year for clip licensing, as we saw advertisers from all corners of the globe using TV and movie footage, characters, themes and catch phrases in their campaigns. Major events such as the Superbowl, Academy Awards, World Cup and Christmas were popular reasons for advertisers to spend big. Some of the biggest global companies chose to leverage clip licensing in one way or another, including Pepsi, Lipton, Mercedes, Nike, VISA, Apple, Netflix, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ikea, eBay, Vodafone and many more.


2 major events took place in Q1 2014 – 48th Superbowl and the 86th Academy Awards. Both events attract enormous viewers and 2014 was no different. The Superbowl broke records with an impressive 111.5 million viewers, and the Oscars attracted 43.7 million. Both events are hot property for advertisers and can serve as a launchpad for major highspend campaigns. 2 clip licensing commercials launched during the 2014 Oscars and 1 during the 2014 Superbowl. Australia’s ANZ campaign featuring The Mentalist also launched their next commercial featuring Patrick Jane in Q1 2014, along with an Evian spot developed as part of The Amazing Spiderman 2 movie release.

80’s Flashback

Client: Radioshack
Creative Agency: GSD&M
Property: Various

Radioshack launched what was considered one of the big winners of 2014 Superbowl in an effort to change their image. Leveraging over 20 iconic characters and personalities from the 1980’s, the campaign consisted of 3 commercials and 1 behind the scenes online video.

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https://youtu.be/aUCHy5y23nII Know What You’re Thinking

Client: ANZ
Creative Agency: Whybin/TBWA
Property: The Mentalist

The Mentalist’s Patrick Jane has featured in as many as 23 ANZ commercials from 2011-2014 and has screened in Australia along with 29 other Asian Pacific markets. This one was launched in Q1 2014.

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Be More Tea

Client: Lipton
Creative Agency: Adam&Eve DDB London
Property: The Muppets

Disney owned The Muppets launched a blockbuster movie in March 2014 and this creative commercial was developed to leverage all the hype surrounding the release.

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Show me the Mini!

Client: Pepsi
Creative Agency: Mekanism
Property: Various

Pepsi gave the mini can a huge stage when premiering this commercial during the 86th Academy Awards. The commercial named ‘Mini Hollywood’ showcases over 15 iconic movie lines in a clever film studio scene. We see memorable lines from movies such as Titanic, Taxi Driver, Scarface, Terminator, The Wizard of Oz and Caddyshack. The grand finale reveals actor Cuba Gooding Jr. screaming ‘Show me the Mini’, a reference to the new Pepsi mini and the famous line his character screamed over the phone in movie Jerry Maguire.

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Spiderman Lives Young

Client: Evian
Creative Agency: BETC Paris
Property: Spiderman

In 2011, Evian released an advertisement called ‘Roller Babies’, which went on to be the most viewed ad of all time. In 2013 a follow up was released and was that years most-viewed commercial on YouTube. That trend continued with this one when it turned out to be one of the most viral and talked about commercials in 2014. In fact it has ticked over 20 million views on YouTube!

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The World Cup was the biggest global event of 2014, contributing an estimated $1 billion of TV advertising spend to broadcasters. The biggest advertisers in the world developed major campaigns including Coca-Cola, Gatorade, VISA, Nike, Adidas, McDonalds, Kia, Hyundai and Beats. 2 of those, VISA and Nike, included well loved TV and movie characters in there advertisements. Outside of the World Cup, Q2 2014 also brought us clip licensing commercials for TNT Russia and Wisconsin Tourism .

Let me take a Selfie!

Client: TNT Russia
Property: Various

Russian television network TNT developed this clever spot which shows our favourite movie characters taking a selfie. For those who are yet to catch on to the term, a selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone.


Wisconsin’s Beautiful Landscape

Client: Wisconsin Tourism
Property: Airplane!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Hays reprise their 1980 movie characters Roger Murdock and Ted Striker for 3 Wisconsin Tourism spots.


Hulk the Goalie

Client: Nike
Creative Agency: W+K Portland
Property: The Hulk

Launched during the 2014 World Cup, this spot gained a viral status online with superstar global football players. In fact the 4 minute extended cut has almost attracted 100 million views online to date.

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World Cup Fever

Client: VISA
Property: Various

This campaign was the largest global activation for VISA in history, landing in 104 markets and achieving over 100 million consumers actions (i.e likes, shares, tweets etc.) A combined aggregation of more than 1.7 billion impressions proved the campaign as a huge success!

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Madagascar_Visa World Cup

Shrek_Visa World Cup

The Simpsons_Visa World Cup2

Star Wars_Visa World Cup

The Simpsons_Visa World Cup


The third quarter brought with it a range of clip licensing advertisements from UK, New Zealand, US and a global campaign.


Client: Apple
Creative Agency: TBWAMedia Arts Lab
Property: Various

Apple seem to be quite fond of leveraging pop culture in their commercials and this is one of the best. Stickers are a way for Apple consumers to personalise their MacBooks, and this spot shows a range of stickers from well known characters, patterns and scenery. Some of the TV and movie characters include The Simpsons, Breaking Bad, Snow White, Ice Age, Hello Kitty, Pacman, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Wonderwoman and Mickey Mouse.

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No Place Like Home

Client: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Creative Agency: The Tombras Group
Property: Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz was leveraged in these public service announcements to encourage parents and caregivers to know for sure their children are in the right car seat. It was part of the 2014 Child Passenger Safety Week (Sept 15-21) and National Seat Check Saturday (Sept 21) in the USA.



Client: Netflix
Property: Various

Well known comedian Ricky Gervais is literally the star of this commercial, consumed by Netflix original TV series including in Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. So consumed in fact that he finds himself in scenes interacting with the stars from each show, which is done in a clever and humorous way.


Blink and You’ll Miss it!

Client: Volkswagen
Creative Agency: Adam&EveDDB
Property: Powerpuff Girls

Out of London we see a very small snippet of girls cartoon series Powerpuff Girls used in much bigger campaign about a Dad who makes sacrifices for his daughter everyday.

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The Wolf Solves Problems

Client: Direct Line
Creative Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi
Property: Pulp Fiction

Harry Keitel reprised his role as Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction as part of a whopping £42m (US$62m) campaign for UK insurance provider Direct Line.


The Journey Starts Here

Client: Sky TV NZ
Creative Agency: DDB NZ
Property: Pineapple Express

Casting tapes are an opportunity to see our favourite TV and movie stars in a raw form and the moment Seth Rogen auditioned for Pineapple Express is leveraged in this commercial.



Christmas time is another event that encourages major advertisers to spend big on creative development and media spend. Retailers are quite competitive to win the crown for best festive spot, and the UK market in particular describes this time as ‘The UK Superbowl’. In addition to the 2 Christmas themed spots, 7 other clip licensing campaigns from all over world were released during Q4 2014.

The Phil Seat

Client: Toyota
Creative Agency: TMS
Property: Modern Family

Filmed on the Modern Family set in Los Angeles, 6 Toyota commercials were created for the Australian market starring fun loving Dad Phil Dunphy.

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https://youtu.be/5a0uXebJNZsA Frightening Visit to IKEA

Client: IKEA
Creative Agency: BBH Singapore
Property: The Shining

This spot launched just in time for Halloween and attracted global attention due to the production values and attention to detail. We see a reconstruction of the famous hallway scene, the slight twist being that the boy is in an IKEA store. A number of hidden references to the film were placed throughout the commercial which tied in to a social media contest.

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More or less

Client: NAB
Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Property: Tom & Jerry

NAB created this commercial a year after the first clip licensing campaign which also used the ‘more or less’ theme. This time we see Tom & Jerry used throughout the entire commercial.

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Client: Lloyds Bank
Property: Oliver!

UK bank Lloyds leverages the iconic scene in Oliver to help with their campaign about offering better interest on one of their main products.

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Shop the World

Client: eBay
Creative Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Property: Godzilla, Wizard of Oz

To celebrate a sleeker and more user friendly homepage, eBay included movie clips in a clever way to show how customers can shop the world on their site.

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Mr First

Client: World First
Creative Agency: VCCP
Property: Mr Men Little Miss

International money transfer business World First created their very own Mr. Men character – Mr. First! We see the new character featured on all billboards and sharing space with some of our favourite Mr. Men characters such as Mr. Wrong, Mr. Silly and Mr. Grumpy.

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Dirty Mercedes

Client: Mercedes
Creative Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
Property: Dirty Dancing

Here is a great example of how a TV show or movie can be leveraged without existing footage, character likeness or memorable phrases. Developed for the German market, we see the sexual chemistry in Dirty Dancing recreated by a car and a truck. Sounds weird . . . and it is a bit, but its very well done.

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UK Gets Frozen

Client: Vodafone UK
Creative Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R
Property: Frozen

It was a big year for Frozen and Vodafone UK jumped onboard the hype with this feel good spot. A range of everyday workers ranging from nurses to farmers sing along to the hit song ‘Let it Go’ while watching the clip on their mobile devices.

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Meet Monty the Penguin

Client: John Lewis
Creative Agency: AdamandEveDDB
Property: Pingu

There is always plenty of anticipation surrounding the end of the year when the big department stores around the globe release their Christmas commercial. UK department store John Lewis chose a penguin theme in 2014 and what better way to kick off the commercial with a few seconds of Pingu!

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