1980 psychological horror film ‘The Shining’ is known for many iconic scenes and phrases. Some of them include; the boy on the tricycle, the identical twin girls and the phrase “Here’s Johnny!”.

The 4 commercials here leverage these memorable moments to create their advertising message.

A Frightening Visit to IKEA

Year: 2014
Client: IKEA
Creative Agency: BBH Singapore

This spot launched just in time for Halloween and attracted global attention due to the production values and attention to detail. We see a reconstruction of the famous hallway scene, the slight twist being that the boy is in an IKEA store. A number of hidden references to the film were placed throughout the commercial which tied in to a social media contest.


Search for a Less Creepy Hotel

Year: 2009
Client: Bing
Creative Agency: JWT New York

Another campaign launched for Halloween, this time as part of the larger Bing campaign to position itself as a user friendly search engine. The spot entitled ‘Haunted Hotel’ manages to reference The Shining many times throughout.


Creepy Kids want a Phone

Year: 2006
Client: Cingular Go Phone
Creative Agency: BBDO New York

This haunting commercial features a lot of scary kids, but promises no scary bills with the new GoPhone.


Behind the Scenes

Year: 2008
Client: Stanley Kubrick Season
Creative Agency: Knucklehead

Promoting the upcoming Stanley Kubrick Season on Channel 4, this commercial was created as a behind-the-scenes look at The Shining. The recreation featured lookalikes of the cast and crew and was filmed all in one take.