Superheroes have proven to be popular characters to leverage in commercials, due to their heritage, high awareness and ongoing content. These spots range from over 25 years, the oldest example dates back to 1989, and the 2 newest in 2014. With a blockbuster slate of superhero movies ahead of us we will undoubtedly continue to see them used in this way.

Spiderman Lives Young

Year: 2014
Client: Evian
Creative Agency: BETC Paris
Superhero: Spiderman

In 2011, Evian released an advertisement called ‘Roller Babies’, which went on to be the most viewed ad of all time. In 2013 a follow up was released and was that years most-viewed commercial on YouTube. That trend continued with this one when it turned out to be one of the most viral and talked about commercials in 2014. In fact it has ticked over 20 million views on YouTube!

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Quite a Big Bat!

Client: Citroen
Superhero: Batman

Citroen uses Batmans iconic likeness by showcasing their new C2 car hanging from the roof and slurping up a moth while showcasing the Batman logo.

Marvel to the Rescue

Year: 2005
Client: VISA
Creative Agency: BBDO NY
Superhero: Various Marvel

Who better to help a woman from identity theft than Marvel superheroes Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Storm, Thor and Wolverine? This commercial premiered during 2005 Superbowl and combines live action with CGI animation.

RAM of Steel

Year: 2013
Client: RAM Trucks
Creative Agency: Richards Group
Movie: Superman: Man of Steel

This spot entitled ‘Action’ is an example of how to creatively collaborate new footage with existing footage to make a powerful commercial.

Also featured in 8 Commercials Themed with Blockbuster Movie Releases

Hulk the Goalie

Year: 2014
Client: Nike
Creative Agency: W+K Portland
Superhero: Hulk

Launched during the 2014 World Cup, this spot gained a viral status online with superstar global football players. In fact the 4 minute extended cut has almost attracted 100 million views online to date.

Batman needs his Diet Coke

Year: 1989
Client: Diet Coke
Superhero: Batman

This commercial was featured at the start of Batman on VHS and included scenes from the actual movie along with new footage starring Batmans butler Alfred Pennyworth.