The James Bond franchise is over 50 years old, with the 24th instalment launching in 2015. The high global brand awareness and ongoing movie releases make the brand an attractive one for advertisers to align their campaigns with. We’ve seen commercials leverage memorable villains, iconic thematic elements, stunts and of course James Bond himself in both generic form as well as played by the actor at that time. Here are 8 spots with existing footage, character likeness, thematic elements and recreation of James Bond.

Crack the Case

Year: 2012
Client: Heineken
Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Dutch beer brand Heineken has had a long relationship with the Bond franchise. Here we see Daniel Craig as James Bond in a campaign which when viewed online continued as an interactive experience that allowed the viewer to crack the code to Bond’s case.

An Odd Cough

Year: 1970s
Client: Vicks

Toshiyuki “Harold” Sakata was an olympic silver medal winning weightlifter who went on to play villain Oddjob in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. He continued his role as Oddjob in a series of commercials for Vicks Formula 44 cough syrup.

James Bond in Japan

Year: 1985
Client: Ito Ham

This might be one that Sean Connery would rather forget. I bet he thought it would be safe to star in a Japanese commercial in 1985 without it appearing anywhere else. 30 years later, unfortunately for him, a poor quality version exists online and will not be disappearing any time soon.

For those who don’t speak Japanese, the translation of Connery’s only line during this spot is “My heart with Ito Ham”.

Dum Di-Di Dum Dum

Year: 2012
Client: Coca-Cola
Creative Agency: Publicis Conseil

This commercial is a great example of using themes and elements from a movie in advertising without using any character likeness or existing footage. Here we see the iconic James Bond theme used very cleverly throughout the spot, which was part of a big campaign around the movie launch included branded product.

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Generation X Impressed

Year: 1996
Client: Pepsi / Mountain Dew
Creative Agency: BBDO

This commercial was created for both Pepsi and Mountain Dew as 2 separate commercials. Cleverly, the vending machine, the cans and the closing voice over were the only pieces adjusted in order to have the 2 commercials. Keep an eye out for a short appearance by the villain Jaws!

Zero Zero 7

Year: 2008
Client: Coke Zero
Creative Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Coke Zero aligned with the launch of Bond film Quantum of Solace which included the rebranding of Coke Zero as Zero Zero 7 to reflect Bond’s 007 code name. This spot was seen on television as well as in cinema and the music was created by White Stripes frontman Jack White.

One to Watch

Year: 2012
Client: Omega

Exciting new footage for the then upcoming Skyfall movie created a lot of hype around this commercial. Existing footage from the movie was mashed up with the occasional flash of Bonds Omega watch and tied in with a print campaign.

I Ordered you a Heineken

Year: 2006
Client: Heineken
Creative Agency: StrawberryFrog

There was a lot of hype around James Bond film Casino Royale. Daniel Craig had just replaced Pierce Brosnan as our leading man. This commercial was also the first time ever that a commercial had been filmed on the actual set. Although we don’t ever see Bond himself, his presence is implied and we see Eva Green playing the same role as in the film – English agent Vesper Lynd.