INFLUENCER: Born Licensing’s David Born celebrates World Emoji Day.

Happy World Emoji Day!

Today, like every other day of the year, over 6 billion emojis will be sent around the world. Well, maybe a little bit more than usual considering it’s World Emoji Day. It’s the global language that keeps growing and continues to build in cultural relevance.

Earlier this year it was announced that some new emojis were being added to our devices. A sloth, waffle, flamingo and orangutan emoji will soon be available along with a skunk, butter and yawn emoji.

But what is even more noteworthy is that emojis are becoming much more inclusive. From the new range of 230 emojis, there will be emojis to represent the deaf and blind communities along with wheelchair emojis. There will also be a range of new ‘People Holding Hands’ emojis with varying skin tones and genders.

92% of the 3.2 billion internet users around the world regularly use emojis, and it’s great to see that more and more of them are being represented in the global language.

With such a broad offering and global appear, it should be no surprise that advertisers are embracing emojis too.

In fact, we’re approached on a daily basis by advertisers all over the world that want to license emojis in their work.

As master licensing agent for JoyPixels emojis, we’ve licensed their emojis out for ad campaigns across the UK, US, Australia, China, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, Hungary and other markets.

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