Apple is renowned as being one of the strongest brands on the planet, and when they release TV commercials they like to leverage some of the strongest entertainment brands on the planet. What a powerful combination!

Here we see 3 examples of when Apple has leveraged TV and movie clips and characters in their advertisements.

The Watch is Coming

Year: 2015
Apple Product: Apple Watch
Creative Agency: TBWAMedia Arts Lab
TV/Movie Character: Mickey Mouse

The iPhone is Born

Year: 2007
Apple Product: Apple iPhone
Creative Agency: TBWAMedia Arts Lab
TV/Movie Character: Various

This is the first ever advertisement for the iPhone, and since then over 650 million iPhones have been sold. Apple chose The Academy Awards as the perfect opportunity to debut their advertising, using a total of 31 existing clips of characters’ from movies and TV shows saying ‘hello’!

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Year: 2014
Apple Product: Apple Macbook
Creative Agency: TBWAMedia Arts Lab
TV/Movie Character: Various

Stickers are a way for Apple consumers to personalise their MacBooks, and this spot shows a range of stickers from well known characters, patterns and scenery. Some of the TV and movie characters include The Simpsons, Breaking Bad, Snow White, Ice Age, Hello Kitty, Pacman, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Wonderwoman and Mickey Mouse.

Also featured in 2014 Clip Licensing Year Review and 5 Commercials that use 20 Different Well Known Characters

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