Apple and Clip Licensing

Apple is renowned as being one of the strongest brands on the planet, and when they release TV commercials they like to leverage some of the strongest entertainment brands on the planet. What a powerful combination! Here we see 3 examples of when Apple has leveraged...

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Clip Licensing and The Oscars

The Academy Awards take place in Q1 of each year and is another big opportunity for advertisers to secure a big audience. In 2014 the average price for 30 seconds of advertising time was $1.8-1.9m, with a viewership of over 43 million - a little less than half of the...

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The Making of the Snickers Brady Bunch Ad

Less than 5 days after Superbowl, the awards have already started rolling in for the creative agency behind the Snickers Brady Bunch commercial. BBDO New York has already won the Super Clio, awarded to the best commercial featured during Superbowl. The judges made...

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