Cadbury UK has launched a new campaign starring Neighbours alumni Jason Donovan to promote it’s new Cadbury Darkmilk product.

The campaign is aimed at those that are now a bit ‘grown up’ with a number of nods to pop culture, in particularly the long running TV series Neighbours. Donovan, who played Scott Robinson in 559 Neighbours episodes from 1985, drops a reference to ‘the big wedding’ and calls his dog Bouncer, both references to Neighbours.


Peter Seymour, Cadbury’s category director of chocolate for Northern Europe, said: “We know our audience are looking for a new and more grown up taste when it comes to chocolate so we’ve introduced Cadbury Darkmilk to give a rich and creamy alternative for a delicious chocolate treat. To match this, our films bring our grown-up audience face to face with iconic stars of their younger years who are sharing some of those classic memories that brought us all together back in the day.”

Chris Birch and Jonny Parker, creative directors, VCCP stated: “Darkmilk is for people who remember recording the top 40 on cassette and wearing naf naf jeans. So, we thought it’d be brilliant to use the people they used to have on their bedroom wall to introduce Darkmilk to them – y’know, now that they’re all grown up and that.”

The campaign has been shared by Jason Donovan and others on social media.


Born Licensing managed the licensing of Neighbours via Fremantle on behalf of VCCP and Cadbury