Leading UK advertising trade magazine Campaign has named their Top 15 Film ads of 2018.

We were thrilled to see two of the campaigns we worked on included in this list!

Placing #14 of the year was Moneysupermarket’s ‘Epic Action Man’ with Campaign saying “It wasn’t quite Mother’s Moneysupermarket swansong – a Thelma & Louise parody featuring Sindy dolls was to follow – but this joyfully camp spot, featuring Hasbro’s retro toy soldier dancing in the desert to celebrate the savings he had made, provided a fitting reminder of why the brand’s “Epic” campaign will be sorely missed.”

Placing #13 was Ovo Energy’s ‘Get Mad’, which licensed the iconic Mad as Hell speech from movie Network. Campaign said “From the first strains of Slayer’s thrash-metal anthem Raining Blood, through the crescendo of the “Get mad” speech from the 1976 film Network, viewers were left in no doubt about Ovo’s view on climate change. The film marked a statement of intent – both for the brand and its creative agency.”

We were thrilled to work on both of these campaigns, which are great examples of how licensing IP can add a lot of value to advertising campaigns!

The full list can be seen here.

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