The Academy Awards take place in Q1 of each year and is another big opportunity for advertisers to secure a big audience. In 2014 the average price for 30 seconds of advertising time was $1.8-1.9m, with a viewership of over 43 million – a little less than half of the Superbowl. In fact, The Oscars has in the past been labelled the ‘Superbowl for Women’. The Oscars is the night of nights for the entertainment world, so there is no wonder why clip licensing has been leveraged by advertisers who have chosen to launch an advertisement during the glitzy and glamorous event.


Year: 2007
Client: Apple
Creative Agency: TBWAMedia Arts Lab
TV/Movie: Various

This is the first ever advertisement for the iPhone, and since then over 650 million iPhones have been sold. Apple chose The Academy Awards as the perfect opportunity to debut their advertising, using a total of 31 existing clips of characters’ from movies and TV shows saying ‘hello’!

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Godzilla Likes to Party

Year: 2014
Client: Snickers
Creative Agency: BBDO NY
TV/Movie: Godzilla

As buzz for the 2014 Godzilla movie was ramping up, Snickers ran with this commercial which continued with the ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ theme. Turns out that Godzilla is actually pretty rad who enjoys hitting on women and partying with his buddies. He does get crazy when his hungry, breathing fire and stomping down buildings, but chomping on some Snickers quickly fixes that problem.

Be More Tea

Year: 2014
Client: Lipton
Creative Agency: Adam&Eve DDB
TV/Movie: The Muppets

This global campaign launched at The Oscars ahead of the release of the Muppets Most Wanted film which hit cinemas in March. Lipton incorporated the campaign into their existing ‘Be More Tea’ theme, which encourages people to switch off auto pilot and see the world with a fresh-brewed perspective.

Show me the Mini!

Year: 2014
Client: Pepsi
Creative Agency: Mekanism
TV/Movie: Various

Pepsi gave the mini can a huge stage when premiering this commercial during the 86th Academy Awards. The commercial named ‘Mini Hollywood’ showcases over 15 iconic movie lines in a clever film studio scene. We see memorable lines from movies such as Titanic, Taxi Driver, Scarface, Terminator, The Wizard of Oz and Caddyshack. The grand finale reveals actor Cuba Gooding Jr. screaming ‘Show me the Mini’, a reference to the new Pepsi mini and the famous line his character screamed over the phone in movie Jerry Maguire.

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