Born Licensing Owner and Director David Born has penned an article about licensing innovation for trade publication

When I started Born Licensing almost five years ago in my Melbourne apartment, I set out to create a licensing agency that focused on bringing incremental revenue to the licensing industry in innovative ways. Five years later this tactic is even more relevant, both for us and the industry as a whole.

I decided that the best way to find new business was through licensing IP out in the advertising space. I had worked on deals like this in previous roles and I knew that few Licensors were proactively pursuing opportunities in advertising. Those that had resource allocated to the advertising category were mostly reactive due to other priorities. I envisioned having a proactive approach to raising the profile of licensing IP throughout the advertising community.

We signed two great campaigns while in Australia; a Simonds Homes campaign with Transformers and a Subaru campaign with G.I. Joe. They each generated a lot of interest in both the advertising and licensing trade thanks to the creative approach to using the IP.

Things really exploded for us when I moved myself and the company to London. Since setting up shop in the British capital we’ve signed deals with major brands such as T-Mobile, Cadbury, Just Eat, Facebook, British Airways, BarclayCard and Tesco. Our most high-profile string of campaigns was with comparison website Moneysupermarket, who licensed He-Man and Skeletor from Masters of the Universe, Dirty Dancing, Action Man, Sindy, and Thelma and Louise across four campaigns, one of which picked up the LIMA award for Best Promotion in 2018.

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