We’ve been working hard on something that we feel passionate about.

OVO Energy has just released their most provocative ad campaign to date, encouraging people to power their lives with renewable energy.

The ‘Power Your Life Differently’ campaign leverages one of the finest speeches in cinema, the iconic ‘Mad as Hell’ speech by Howard Beale played by Peter Finch. Mash that up with the head banging Slayer tune ‘Raining Blood’ and we have a brilliantly impactful campaign.

This is the first major film from new creative studio Uncommon London.

It was our job to manage the licensing of the ‘Mad as Hell’ speech, both with the rights holders MGM and the Peter Finch estate.

The campaign debuted on Sunday 5th March during Channel 4’s Homeland and was met with a wave of praise from consumers and the advertising industry. It was also awarded ‘Ad of the Day’ by The Drum and Campaign.