Born Licensing Owner and Director David Born has been interviewed in the Summer Edition of Total Licensing.

In 3-page spread, David talks about the history of Born Licensing and some of the most successful advertising campaigns the company has worked on. He also discusses the firms move into the Consumer Products and Innovations sector.

Total Licensing: Could you tell us a bit about the background to Born Licensing – how the company began and your initial focus?

David Born: Born Licensing was ‘born’ 5 years ago after I had just returned to Melbourne from living in Europe for 18 months, which included time at Turner Broad- casting (Cartoon Network) as Head of FMCG & Promotions for EMEA. My goal was to build the world’s first licensing agency that focused on the advertising and marketing space.

The ambition had come from my years at Warner Bros. and Turner Broadcast- ing where I had worked on deals that involved licensing IP in advertising </em><em>campaigns for major brands like Volk- swagen,ANZ,Westpac and Bulla Dairy. After convincing some key Licensors to give me a go at representing their portfolios in this specific category, I started to knock on doors of adver- tising agencies in an effort to raise the profile of how characters and IP could be used in advertising campaigns. It was a tough slog, but I finally signed my first deal with Simonds Homes, an Australian homebuilder who wanted to celebrate their 65th anniversary by developing a bespoke Transformer made out of house and building materials.

We worked with Hasbro throughout the production and soon enough our first campaign was live on AFL Grand Final day, one of the biggest advertising days of the year! The campaign was a huge success and soon after we signed our next deal, this time with Subaru who licensed G.I. Joe in a major campaign that resulted in their Levorg being the #1 sports wagon across the country. At that point we had some great examples of our work to show and it was easier for the advertising world to understand how licensing IP can add value to their work.

Two years after opening Born Licensing I made the decision to move myself and the business to London – a city with a thriving advertising industry and access to key European markets. It was the right decision! We started signing deals shortly after opening in the UK and haven’t had a quiet day in the office since!

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