Less than 5 days after Superbowl, the awards have already started rolling in for the creative agency behind the Snickers Brady Bunch commercial. BBDO New York has already won the Super Clio, awarded to the best commercial featured during Superbowl. The judges made their decision based on “originality, innovation and stand-out celebrity cameos.”

The attention to detail that went into the production of the commercial is outstanding, and probably a lot more complicated than most of us think. In this video released on YouTube by Snickers we get an inside look from the set of the commercial in LA, along with some insight from the crew on just tedious the process actually was. From recreating the Brady Bunch set and props, the decision around casting Danny Trejo as ‘hungry Marcia’ and the process involved with collaborating existing Brady Bunch footage with newly shot footage, it is no doubt impressive.

You can’t help but appreciate the commercial even more after you’ve seen this!