Boost + Bruce Lee

New dedicated pay-as-you-go energy supplier Boost Power wanted to launch a campaign like no other to introduce their new energy service.

Their creative agency, Snap London, came to us with a brief that introduced the character “Boost Lee”, whose appearance, mannerisms and attitude are inspired by the famous martial arts movie star Bruce Lee.

We thought the ideas was great, so we reached out to the team at Beanstalk and Bruce Lee Enterprises to negotiate the licensing terms and assist with the project from start to finish.

“This was one of those ideas that just worked on every level. What better way to launch a bold, disruptive brand focussed on helping people master their energy, than with the ultimate master of control – Boost Lee. We’ve had a huge amount of fun working with the team at Boost and the Bruce Lee Estate to create this campaign and character. We can’t wait for the world to meet him too.”



“When we learned that the Boost proposition was about controlling your energy and customising your experience, we felt the alignment with the Bruce Lee message and philosophy were really pretty parallel. We hope that everyone will recognise the lighthearted fun with which the campaign was created while at the same time hitting some pretty deep messaging points!”



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