The last 3 years has produced a 500% rise in social conversations around disappointment at the decline of split-screen gaming.

This trend led to KFC recruiting 4 top YouTube gamers and 4 grime stars to battle it out in an eSports event like no other! Gamers Ali A, Clare Siobhan, MiniMinter and JMX and grime artists Big Narstie, P Money, Novelist and D Double E paired up and competed for a very appealing prize of unlimited KFC for life! The “Colonel’s couch” was created for the event, featuring bucket holders, refillable drinks, chip trays, in-built speakers and wet wipe dispensers for dealing with greasy fingers. The event was a huge success, reaching 2.7 million people and 87% of the target audience within 5 days.

Born Licensing secured the rights for KFC to feature popular multiplayer games Tekken 7 and Trackmania Turbo.


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