+ Action Man

He-Man and Skeletor have had their moment. Now it’s time to hand the stage to Britain’s greatest hero of all time, Action Man!

Set to CeCe Peniston’s biggest tune ‘Finally’, we see Action Man celebrate saving money at by dancing across the desert with his comrades in 60 seconds of pure nostalgic bliss!

Born Licensing is a licensing agent for Hasbro and managed the licence negotiation, creative and brand assurance processes.

Action Man . . . you’re SO MoneySuperMarket!

“We always aim to bring our brand purpose to life in an entertaining way and our ads are all about illustrating that sense of empowerment you feel when you take control of your finances. Action Man is the fourteenth character to ‘save money and feel epic’ in our long-running campaign and we hope viewers are as surprised and delighted by his dance moves as we are.”


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