+ Masters of the Universe

Comparison website continued their iconic ‘You’re So Moneysupermarket’ theme with this toe-tapping campaign featuring retro characters Skeletor and He-Man from Masters of the Universe.

The ad follows a successful year of advertising for with its ‘squads, strutters and builders’ ad named the most memorable for 2016 in the UK.

Born Licensing secured the rights for Moneysupermarket to license the characters from Masters of the Universe. We managed liaison with rights holder Mattel, working through the license negotiation, creative and brand assurance processes.

We had an absolutely epic time working on this one!

“We thought it would be fun to subvert expectations of one of the best-known super villains from our childhoods and show that, no matter who you are, you’re bound to feel epic if you save money on your household bills.”

Masters of the Universe®; He-Man®, Skeletor®, © 2017 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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