Monzo + JoyPixels Emojis

Monzo Bank is a digital, mobile-only bank which aims to make banking easier for everyone.

The ‘bank of the future’ is increasingly popular with 40,000 people opening a Monzo account every week! Ad agency, Forever Beta, were looking for unique ways to promote Monzo Bank’s best features and chose to use JoyPixels emojis in a series of videos for social media.  

JoyPixels emojis starred in a number of videos that were shared across Facebook and Instagram. In the videos JoyPixels high quality emojis were used to illustrate some of Monzo Bank’s best services such as the ability to use Monzo Bank stress free anywhere in the world! As the exclusive licensing agent for JoyPixels, the owner of over 2,800 emoji icons, Born Licensing secured the rights to license these emojis for this excellent campaign.


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