Born Licensing’s David Born has contributed to License Global’s piece on the rise of retro licensing in U.K advertising.

License Global writes:

Some of the most successful TV ad campaigns in the last year have featured some of our favorite childhood characters; only now we’re older, and they’re selling us a different story.

A growing phenomenon in Britain, the latest nostalgia licensing trend is bringing us closer to brands than ever before as banks, insurance providers and financial advisors collaborate with the characters of our youth to help us feel a little less alone when it comes to making a grown-up decision.

So how­ and why–are brands taking us down Memory Lane to make an impact?

Born Licensing, the agency behind the, British Airways and Marks & Spencer campaigns, is a specialist in the TV licensing landscape. David Born, founder, Born Licensing, sees the value of the nostalgic brand licensing to be in its ability to grab consumer interest immediately.

“There have been some hugely successful high-profile campaigns,” says Born. “These have raised the awareness around licensing within the advertising industry and have sent a clear message that entertainment properties are available to license and can be hugely beneficial to their creative work.”

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