It’s the event that brings with it the highest advertising space price tag on the planet. History was made this year as NBC charged US$4.5 million per 30 second spot during commercial breaks of Superbowl 49. Not only do advertisers benefit from the 110+ million viewers watching in the USA alone, they also achieve a lot of interest online and can score millions of views well before kick off.

Over the years some of the most popular and memorable Superbowl campaigns have included TV and movie characters and themes. We posted about that before the game here: 13 Superbowl Commercials with TV and Movie Characters

This year there were 4 Superbowl commercials that featured a TV, movie and gaming characters or references, which shows just how impactful using entertainment brands can be.

Marcia Marcia Marcia!

Client: Snickers
Creative Agency: BBDO NY
TV/Movie Brand: The Brady Bunch

Snickers launched ‘A Very Brady Teaser’ a few weeks before Superbowl which created a lot of buzz. The full version was released on YouTube 4 days out from Superbowl, and had racked up over 7 million viewers by Superbowl evening. The spot continued with the popular ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ Snickers theme that has in the past featured Betty White, and has been a regular advertiser at Superbowl. Using existing footage, mixed with new footage, this had early speculation on being the favourite for the year.

Life Sized Pacman

Client: Bud Light
Creative Agency: Energy/BBDO
TV/Movie Brand: Pacman

Retro gaming brand Pacman is used in this commercial to create a life sized game which most of us are desperate to be a part of. The maze was created with fine attention to detail, to the point that it was actually entirely to scale down to the spacing between the power pellets and each curve in the walls. By Superbowl evening it has reached over 13 million views on YouTube.

Classic Liam Neeson

Client: Clash of Clans
Creative Agency: Barton F Graf
TV/Movie Brand: Taken

Now Liam Neeson is not actually playing his character from Taken, however the script and themes are clearly borrowed from the popular movie. It seems that Neeson applies the same gritty approach to Clash of Clans as his character does in the Taken franchise.

What is ‘The Internet?’

Client: BMW
Creative Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners
TV/Movie Brand: Today USA

This is a very unique and the first clip licensing commercial we’ve seen using a show format like Today USA. Here we take a look back at 1994 where personalities Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel were trying to get their head around something called ‘the internet’. 20 years on, and the same conversation is happening in the new BMW.

Say My Name

Client: Esurance
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
TV/Movie Brand: Breaking Bad

This was a surprise, mainly because there was no tease and no release of the ad prior to Superbowl. It launched during the 2nd quarter and featured Walter White from Breaking Bad, giving fans of the show something to talk about after the series finished in 2013.