Born Licensing is heading to Las Vegas Licensing Expo to unveil a slate of new ad campaigns. Can they compare to the Action Man Moneysupermarket ad? Born Licensing’s director, David Born tells all…

If you’ve caught yourself whistling along to the tune of CeCe Peniston’s ‘Finally’ over the last couple of months while strutting down the high street, you can likely lay the blame firmly at the door of one man.

Similarly, if the sight of He-Man and Skeletor gracing the dancefloor has impressed upon you enough to permeate conversations with your Uber driver or Deliveroo courier, again, there’s only one man to thank.

That man is David Born, director at Born Licensing the very same that takes credit for facilitating Action Man’s on-screen appearance in the latest MoneySuperMarket advert and convincing He-Man to limber up for his two minute dance routine before it.

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